“If a Picture is worth a thousand words, what’s it worth in 3D?”

Magnetic 3D, the world’s leading provider of Glasses-Free 3D Digital Signage Solutions proudly introduces the Future of Digital-Out-of-Home Media with the launch of Magnetic Networks. After much anticipation, Magnetic Networks combines the power of 3D Entertainment and Virtual Reality with the world of Out-of-Home media, all without the 3D glasses. As the first full service Glasses-Free Media Platform in the US, Magnetic Networks delivers unparalleled consumer engagement captured with real-time anonymous video analytics which lead to measurable results and ROI. Advertisers looking to cut through the clutter to reach their target audience and network operators seeking to supplement or refresh their media offering can benefit from Magnetic Network’s unique partnership model to join the revolution today.

Why 3D?


Increase in Dwell Time


Greater Rentention


Sales Increase


Elongated Viewing