“If a Picture is worth a thousand words, what’s it worth in 3D?”


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Glasses-Free 3D delivers unparalleled engagement in Out-of-Home

Magnetic 3D, the world’s leading provider of Glasses-Free 3D Digital Signage Solutions proudly introduces the Future of Digital-Out-of-Home Media with the launch of Magnetic Networks which combines the power of immersive 3D Entertainment and Virtual Reality with the world of Out-of-Home media, all without the 3D glasses. The new platform debuted in February 2017 at the New York Waterway Terminals in New York City & Port Imperial in Weehawken, NJ, in partnership with Cross River Network (CRN) and features high impact glasses-free 3D advertisements. Find out how your brand can join the revolution, download the media kit and 3 month promotion here.

As a full service Glasses-Free 3D Media Company, Magnetic 3D provides experiential and rental services to support trade shows, events, product launches, and retail campaigns. We elevate the customer experience to the next level using our immersive 3D technology from small format tablets to large format displays and video walls. Check out the latest in trade show rental and experiential solutions here.

Magnetic 3D offers a range of media products including floating, hanging, or wall mounted displays for fixed installations. “3D Charging Stations” for semi-permanent and unique short term sponsorship opportunities, as well as 3D “Spectaculars” for large format placements. Advertisers looking to cut through the clutter to reach their target audience, and media companies looking to supplement or refresh their platform can benefit from our unique partnership model to join the immersive 3D revolution. Learn more about our 3D media products here.

Magnetic 3D’s experienced creative team provides turn-key production services for quickly converting, enhancing or repurposing your media assets to Glasses-Free 3D. We ensure your message is “on-brand” while delivering maximum impact in this new and exciting immersive 3D format. We offer options that range from simple static conversions to live action 3D productions – the choice is yours! Explore 3D content options here.